This project will report on how talk-in-interaction research can address the conversational problems faced by augmented speakers and their partners


The purpose of this project is to prototype an AAC interface, which utilizes a variety of pragmatically effective word and phrasal constructions (e.g., discourse markers, strategic questions) for leveraging control and agency in an interaction. The project will culminate in the development and testing a hardware/software platform optimized for pragmatically effective face-to-face interactions.

Conversational AI

We are developing a software platform to experiment with conversational AI agents and their ability to assist augmented speakers with conversationally relevant utterances that support in-time interaction between the augmented and oral speakers.  

21st Century Communication Board

In this project we are re-imagining the traditional “low-tech” communication board (i.e., word and alphabet board) as an interface on an e-paper hardware platform. The development of an e-platform allows us to study the details of ways in which communication board conversations are transacted, and will allow us to explore ways of optimizing this technology to maintain engaged social interactions while benefiting from advanced interface features such as NLP, dynamic displays, and conversational speech synthesis.