We are on Version 6!

As the Move team started understanding the requirements for conversational tasks, the interface needed to change. We are now on version 6 of the Move interface. In creating this version, the following updates were made:

  1. Removal of keyboard
    1. Remember the goal of this interface is not to be a full coverage device with a fully-fledged vocabulary system. This interface is meant to help with the pragmatic and timing issues augmented users must deal with during face-to-face interactions. In our earlier trials, participants heavily relied on the keyboard for most turn units and to convey information. Removing the keyboard forces users to rely on the pragmatic tools offered by the interface. 
  2. Limited to one page
    1. As we have been able to refine and limit the number of available tokens, the interface is now on one page, which decreases visual scanning and potentially reduces the time needed for turn construction.  
  3. Refinement of categories
    1. The team went through each category on the interface to ensure the included tokens aligned with the category goal/definition
  4. Reduced redundancy
    1. The research team reviewed all tokens and removed any that appeared on the interface in more than one place 
    2. Made sure to not provide too many variations of the same token. For example, for a token that conveys rejection, we would only provide variations that suggested a high degree of rejection, a neutral response, or no rejection instead of providing many different ways to reject

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